Swedish Massage
Based on classic european massage techniques,
this full body massage helps soothe and relax
tired muscles and balances circulation.


Cranio Sacral Therapy
gentle healing method of detection and correction
of the cranial sacral system to detect potential
restrictions and imbalances.

  Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage
This excellent anti-stress treatment makes use of
techniques to ease tires, tense muscles and calm
the mind.
  Reiki Massage
a relief of tension and pain, used to promote self healing,
reiki is the process of channeling universal life energy
into your body and aura or to revitalize the energy
field. Also works on chakras to remove blockage.
  Pre-Natal Massage
a relaxing, pampering massage for mother-to-be
includes relief of lower back pain and stress (not
recommended for the first trimester.
  Reflexology Massage
this technique relieves stress, promotes relaxation,
increases blood circulation and helps to balance
the body through stimulation of pressure points on
the feet.
  Hot Stone Massage
the hot stone massage is a truly unique and particularly
relaxing treatment that uses a combination of heated
lava stones, oil, and a swedish or japanese style massage.

ETPS Neuro-Mechanical Acupuncture
ETPS Neuro-Mechanical Acupuncture is a modality used
in the treatment of chronic soft tissue pain. In its
most basic form, ETPS therapy applies brief, concentrated
stimulation to points relating to different therapeutic
systems in stages.

  Chair Massage
Massage giving clothes on with the person seated in
a special massage chairs opens up the back muscles.
  Massage Cupping
Massage cupping large glass cups are used on the
back and legs as a unique way of applying mayofascial
techniques and deep tissue massage.
  Auto Injuries
Please notify us if your were in an auto accident and we will treat you with chiropractic, massage and x-rays if necessary.
Acupuncture enhances recuperative power and immunity to promote natural healing. It also improves physical and emotional health and overall well being. In my experience as an acupuncture physician. Acupuncture can help relieve a wide variety of aliments, including: Addiction Issues, Depression, Anxiety, Hypertension, Stress, Sinusitis and Asthma, Common Cold Symptoms, Sciatica, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Arthritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Migraine and Headache, Sport Injuries, Weight Loss, Neck Pain, Lower Back Pain, Digestive Problems, Infertility, Premenstrual Syndrome.

Weight Loss
Lose 26 pounds in 26 days!  Lose pounds and inches -physical screening

Corporate Massage
Healing Hands offers corporate customers on site
service that includes chair massage and acupuncture
at reasonable rates.
We are available for:

• Health Fairs • Appreciation Events • Parties • Picnics
• Wedding


We guarantee additional visibility at your booth!! How would you like your business to be the “BUZZ” of the show!!!

Create a captive audience for 10 minutes while they are waiting for their massage, as well as during the massage!
You have their undivided attention to promote your product.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to showcase factual information about your company in a new innovative way! Put your “Ideas” on an ipad which is located directly below their eyes on the massage chair! Again a Captive Audience! Isn’t it worth a few extra dollars to guarantee additional exposure, and have more focused time each attendee at your booth!
We guarantee it!!

  * Cancellation policy requires 24 hour prior notice otherwise full charge is made for the session.

* Payment is due for service rendered at time of treatment.

* Cash and Checks Accepted.

* $35.00 fee for any check returned for insufficient funds or closed accounts.
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